ACTION!         GivingConnected    exists    to help   you   Give    (generously,   to   support and   further   the   Causes   you   and   your friends     are    most    passionate    about) and    Connect     (with    others,    to    share passions   about   common   Causes).      Do more    than    just    like,    care,    and    share about      what's      important      to      you. Demonstrate         your         help          by sponsoring       events       and              Cause subscriptions,      giving      to      Requests, shopping     to     support     your     favorite Cause,      volunteering,      becoming      an advocate,   and   patronizing   merchants &   brands   that   Give   Back   to   your   community   and   your   favorite   Causes .      Connect   and   share   your   opinion    and   what   you’re   doing through discussions, blogs, education, stories, video group chat, events, media, and more.
HELPING THE WORLD GIVE People with a heart like yours who do more than just like a Cause.  You demonstrate your selfless Passion by actively supporting and promoting Causes and helping those whose efforts you appreciate: Teachers, Schools, Military Service Members & Veterans, First Responders, Missionaries, Health Organizations, Human & Civil Rights, Faith-Based Organizations, Animal Welfare, Human Services, Arts & Culture …. and many more.  Help a friend, coworker, or neighbour in need.  GivingConnected is the place that Business Owners and Brand Managers may demonstrate how your Business/Brand is Socially Responsible, and encourage others to join in.
Happiness INCREASE HAPPINESS Discover the Healing Power of Giving (No, Really!).  Feelings of happiness, delight, and joy are a regular occurrence here ;)  Generosity & Kindness are a wonderful thing, right?
Who Else? FIND OUT! ABOUT WHAT AND WHY: What Causes do your friends, local businesses, brands, and celebrities Actively Support (and how)?  Demonstrate support for your friends' and neighbors' interests.  Patronize businesses that share your values.
Connect CONNECT WITH PEOPLE One word: Community.  Connect with people in your local area and from around the world that share your passion for the same Cause. Create a Group for your Neighborhood - neighbours helping neighbours :)
DISCOVER REQUESTS:  Ways you can help your friends, coworkers, Community and the Causes & Charities you’re most passionate about.  Hey… maybe even Repurpose some of your stuff :) Explore Requests Explore Requests
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Experience the Collective Power of Giving.
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Powered by people with a heart – those who are passionate about something bigger than themselves… people who selflessly support and promote their Causes because it's important to them. We're the Community of dedicated  individuals, non-profits, businesses, brands, and celebrities that work together to make a difference... to make each corner of our world better in some way. Passion + Compassion + Purpose + Action = GivingConnected
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Who Cares? YOU DO! SO SHOW IT! Share what you’re doing to help. Say why you’re so passionate. If it’s a big deal, tell ‘em why. Share Photos & Videos of your activity. Give people reasons to join you. Thank everyone who helps you. … and remember to help them too :)
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