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Powered   by   people   with   a   heart   –   those   who   are passionate      about      something      bigger      than themselves…   people   who   selflessly   support   and promote   their   Causes   because   it's   important   to them.     We're     the     Community     of     dedicated people,   charities,   businesses,   brands,   celebrities, teachers,   churches,   and   many   others   that   work together    to    make    a    difference...    making    each corner of our world better in some way.
Support a Teacher / Classroom Sponsor a School, Cause, or Event Support Service Members & Veterans Support Local Police & Fire Departments Support a Cause / Campaign Give to a Request / Repurpose Your Stuff Corporate Social Responsibility Other Cause & School Support Sites Fundraising Founders (Cause or School)
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What’s Inside Our Giving Community? Promote favourite Causes.  Give help.  Receive help.  Repurpose your stuff.  Support 1st Responders, Service Members, Veterans, and Teachers. Meet new people, join new groups, patronize businesses that share your values, write your own blogs and more - to support Causes you value most!
Explore Media & Blogs Share your Giving and Volunteering stories through Video, Photos, and Blogs.  Share Requests through Video too.
Events & Online Booking Create and host your special events, meetings, and conferences.  Get people involved.  Sell tickets too if you wish.
Connect with Like-Minded People Imagine how much can be accomplished in promoting and supporting Causes when dedicated like-minded people work together.
Giving = Happiness and Satisfaction Either you’ve experienced that a lot, or you soon will through engaging in our Community of Giving People.  Feel blessed by being a blessing to others.
Churches & Missionaries Make it easy for those in your Fellowship to help each other, reach out to those in your community and support Missionaries too.
Discover New Groups & Clubs Join Groups and mini-Communities based on where your passion for helping leads you.  Make a positive difference.
Socially-Minded Businesses Showcase your efforts in supporting the Causes that are aligned with your business values & goals.  Equip your employees to join in your Giving Back programs.
Schools & Teachers Communicate easily with parents, and reach out to your Coalition Partners and Alumni to help fund projects to better educate your students.
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We do so much more here than just help raise money. Here’s how we’re different… in a good way :)
Many sites on the net accept financial donations for Causes (some are listed here).  Most are similar in that they offer a simple generic page to share your cause and include a button for donating.  People visit your page (or you visit theirs), make a donation (which is a wonderful thing to do) and then …. nothing.  That’s it.  Maybe a thank you email, but usually that’s about it.  Here at GivingConnected we offer you much more - think Community Engagement + Cause Crowdfunding in overdrive Whether you're a generous person who’s passionate about a Cause and need some help, or are able to give some help - you belong here.  Our platform encourages & strengthens a deeper connection between giving people and Causes.  See how below.
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