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Powered   by   people   with   a   heart   –   those   who   are passionate      about      something      bigger      than themselves…   people   who   selflessly   support   and promote   their   Causes   because   it's   important   to them.     We're     the     Community     of     dedicated people,   charities,   businesses,   brands,   celebrities, teachers,   churches,   and   many   others   that   work together    to    make    a    difference...    making    each corner of our world better in some way.
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What is GivingConnected, exactly? P ASSION,   C OMPASSION,   C OMMITMENT,   PLUS    A CTION :    GivingConnected   is a   community   of   people   giving   and   receiving   help   when   needed, and   the    online   community   for   connecting   Causes   and   passionate people   with   committed   people   and   Organizations   to   help   meet those   needs.      T HE   P LACE   F OR   G IVING    is   also   the   place   for   showing your   appreciation   by   publicly   thanking   those   who   Gave   -   a   pat   on the    back    is    always    appreciated!        Inspire others to Give :) How does it work? Check   out   our   1-minute       Explainer   Video   for   a   quick   overview   of   how   GivingConnected works.    If    you    want    more    info,    click    here (coming     soon     -     we’re     almost     ready)     to schedule    an    online    group    meeting    at    your convenience   and   we’ll   be   happy   to   walk   you through   specific   features   and   answer   any   questions   you   might have. Why do I need something like this? I NDIVIDUALS :     Well,    if    you’re    a    Giving    person,    you’ll    feel    right    at home   here.         There’s   simply   so   much   you   can   do   here   to   benefit the   Causes   you’re   most   passionate   about   and   inspire   others   to join in. CAUSES/CHARITIES/NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, CLUBS/GROUPS: GivingConnected   is   a   single-streamlined   system   that   helps   you reach   out   to   your   passionate   Followers   to   ask   for   their   help,   and provide   them   the   opportunity   and   blessing   to   rally   around   your Cause and help in whatever way they can. S CHOOLS / T EACHERS / PTA/PTO :      GivingConnected     helps     teachers communicate   easily   with   parents   and   others   interested   in   helping fund    projects.        Schools    -    reach    out    to    your    local    community, Coalition   Partners,   and   Alumni   to   rally   them   around   your   efforts to better educate your students. C HURCHES / M ISSIONARIES /M INISTRIES :   Make   it   easy   for   those   in   your Fellowship   to   help   each   other,   as   well   as   your   Missionaries   & neighbours    in    your    Community.        GivingConnected    is    a    single- streamlined   system   to   reach   out   to   your   passionate   Followers   to ask   for   their   help,   and   provide   them   the   opportunity   and   blessing to rally around your Cause and help in whatever way they can. B USINESSES /B RANDS /C ELEBRITIES :      GivingConnected     provides     the platform   to   showcase   your   efforts   in   helping   the   Causes   that   are aligned   with   your   values   &   goals.      Demonstrate   what   you’re   doing to   Give   Back   and   be   Socially   Responsible   to   your   local   community and   other   Causes.      Give   your   Followers   (hundreds?   thousands? millions?)   reason   to   join   in   and   help   you   reach   extraordinary   gains for the Causes you support and believe in. Do you offer a demo or free trial? We   provide   something   even   better:   a   free   account   (okay,   with   a 30-day   trial   period).      But   if   that   even   makes   you   nervous,   ask   us about our demo. What   Do   I   Get   with   the   Free   Trial   (AHEM,   ACCOUNT) ?       Free Accounts     during     the     trial     period     provide     the     features     and functions   of   our   Champion   Account   for   30   days.   After   the   30-day period,   if   you   have   not   upgraded   to   a   paid   subscription,   your account   will   switch   to   the   Free   Limited   Plan   (so   you   will   not   lose your      trial      account      data)      and      may      continue      to      use GivingConnected. What do I need to SignUp? An   email   address   is   all   we   require   for   a   free   account,   but   most importantly   you   should   have   a   desire   to   make   a   difference   and   be   a person   of   action .       If   words   like   compassionate,   committed,   action, genuine,     passionate,     helpful,     caring,     purposeful,     kind,     and generous   feel   at   home   in   your   heart,   then   you’re   welcome   here.     GivingConnected    isn’t    about    getting     (even    though    receiving    is obviously   a   common   occurrence   here),   it’s   about   being   a   part   of the     experience     of     helping     to     better     someone,     something, somewhere,   somehow,   in   some   way   -   and   feeling   great   about   it (or as some say: happy, satisfied, joyful). Do I have to Pay for New Enhancements? There   are   no   extra   costs   for   enhancements.   They’re   included   with your     subscription     license.     We     want     you     to     have     a     great experience   with   your   community   and   the   Giving   System,   so   we release   new   features   (many   ideas   provided   by   the   community   - thank    you    very    much)    and    fixes    regularly.    And    because    the software    is    web-based,    you    get    those    updates    automatically. Nifty, don’t you think?
We’re   all   so   busy   lately,   and   we   already   use   Facebook. Is this just one more thing I have to manage? Quite   frankly,   yes   and   no   -   it’s   up   to   you.      No   one   wants   ‘another tool’.      If   you   just   want   to   post   some   updates   for   the   world   to   see, then   you   may   not   need   GivingConnected.      But   if   you’re   genuinely interested   in   reaching   those   who   are   serious   about   supporting   your Cause   (not   just   ‘liking’   it)   then   we   believe   there’s   not   a   better   place online   to   be   than   here .       It’s   quite   easy   to   post updates          and          other          content          on GivingConnected.        But    honestly,    the    more effort    you    put    into    giving    your    Followers reason   to   join   in,   the   better   off   you   are.      So, yes   -   this   may   be   one   more   thing   to   manage (depending   on   your   goals   for   content,   activity, and   Giving),   but   if   you   believe   your   Cause   is worth   the   effort   then   we’re   happy   to   provide all   the   functionality   you   need   to   help   you   out.     Oh   -   almost   forgot:   You   may   update #    your   Facebook   page   from here!  That’ll save you time. Our Church/School/Charity doesn’t even have a website.  Can we still use GivingConnected? Sure.      Of   course.      Absolutely.      In   many   ways   this   can   be   your website .      We   provide   many   features   for   you   to   use   to   reach   out and   tell   your   story,   keep   your   Followers   updated,   fundraise   ( see more   here ),   create   Events   (ticketing   too),   receive   support   when you need it, and publicly thank those who have helped.     Is it expensive? Not   at   all   -   our   pricing   is   very   reasonable   (Individual   plans   start   at a   few   pennies   a   day   (no,   really   …   about   3   cents/day).      Plans   are based   on   the   features   you   require.      Most   likely,   Causes   will   benefit so    much    from    support    provided    by    their    Followers    and    other Members,    that    there    may    in    fact    be    no    net    cost    to    them whatsoever. Who pays for GivingConnected? We   all   do   :)         Although   free   plans   are   available,   typically   each Member   pays   for   their   own   subscription   (after   all,   do   you   really want   a   free   ride   as   a   Member   in   a   Community   that’s   passionate about    Giving?        It’s    okay    if    you    do    -    we’ll    still    love    you      ).      GivingConnected   provides   benefits   to   everyone,   and   in   all   fairness we     believe     all     Members     should     share     in     supporting     their Community.                No        Member        type        or        Page        type (Campaign/Project/Cause,     Business,     Group,     and     others)     is     a ‘product’   -   we’re   all   in   this   together.      But   we   don’t   want   you   to   pay a   dime   (nada,   zilch)   until   you’ve   had   a   chance   to   see   how   much GivingConnected   can   do   for   you.      Click   here    for   your   risk-free   trial account (that credit card in your hand? Don’t even think about it). Do you offer any Setup/On-boarding or Customization Services? GivingConnected    is    designed    to    be    self-service    software,    and quite    easy    to    use.    Our    online    help    documentation    (forums, tutorials,   knowledge   base,   community   forums,   community   Q&A, and   community   Feedback)   are   always   available   (some   content   is exclusive   to   certain   Member   Levels).         However,   if   you   would   like to    use    additional    services    such    as    setting    up    your    page    and content,    data    transfer    (for    uploading    hundreds/thousands    of Members   such   as   employees),   training,   or   other   customization, please   feel   free   to   contact   us    for   assistance.      We   provide   these services   because   we   know    that   proper   setup   and   training   ensures adoption and success. I have more questions.  Who do I ask? As   cliché   as   it   sounds,   your   questions   and   suggestions   are   indeed important   to   us.      Email   us   here    or   use   the   Support   button   (over there   on   the   right).      We’ll   get   back   to   you   as   fast   as   we   can!   (and we’re usually pretty darn quick). What’s the Story Behind the Software? GivingConnected   began   very   simply,   as   an   answer   to   a   question   a little   boy   with   rolls   of   pennies   had   decades   ago.      Almost   45   years later,    the    two    most    common    problems    of    Causes    and    Giving remain:   ‘How   to   connect   people   –   those   with   Requests/Needs   and those   who   are   able   to   meet   those   specific   needs’?   and   ‘How   can more     people     be     empowered     to     do     more     to     help     serve however/wherever   they   can   with   the   Causes   they’re   passionate about’?  We’d love to tell you more of our story …  
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