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Lovingly made with in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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Powered by people with a heart those who are passionate about something bigger than themselves… people who selflessly support and promote their Causes because it's important to them. We're the Community of dedicated people, charities, businesses, brands, celebrities, teachers, churches, and many others that work together to make a difference... making each corner of our world better in some way.
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Requests / Needs Whenever you need some help you may list Requests - for yourself, your Group, Community, School, Church, Cause, or Site Hub Content Page
Giving Receive help when you need it. Give help when you can, in whatever way you’re able to. Help those who help others.
Member Verification Who do you trust? Who’s genuine? Find out: Members may verify Members and separately write Reviews on their experience.
Blogs Express your thoughts or passions about your Cause. Include photos, video, and web links.
Reimburse Friends Online Payments may be used to pay any Member, Group, Cause, or Site Hub, or even to Give toward Requests. Easily split costs between Members.
Donation Tracking Track your offline Giving, including Who, When, What, Address, and other useful information. Keep all your Giving easy to access in one place (here of course).
Q&A Got a question for everyone? Looking for advice about a particular Cause? Ask your Community here.
Task Manager Keep track of your To-dos. Tasks may also be assigned to other Members to share responsibilities. Save time and keep everything handy.
Chat: Text & Video 1-1 or groups. Keep in touch with like- minded people passionate about the same Cause, no matter where they are. Useful for Group meetings too.
Favourites Listing Quickly find all your most liked or most useful GivingConnected pages in one place - and categorize however you wish, for easy access.
Sticky Notes Reminder notifications too! Helpful notes displayed on the page where you thought of them so when you return, bam - right there in front of you. Now, how easy is that!
Virtual Gifts Besides typical uses, these are handy as Thank You gifts for those who have made a difference by helping you - for demonstrating your appreciation just a little bit more.
Files: Photos/ Videos Plus store all types of files for reference and view using Google Docs Viewer. Keep a record of all your Giving-related experiences in one place.
Wishlists Make lists of Requests you want to Support and Give toward. Requests & Store items for your friends to Give toward or purchase may also be added.
Activity Feed and Messaging Includes Quick Access to Custom Lists (ex. Coworkers’ Causes or Friends’ Blogs) so you can quickly locate what you feel is most useful.
Overview Give Members a reason to help. Describe your request and include content such as photos, videos, and links to online articles.
Activity Feed and Messaging Communication made easy. Engage Members through adding their opinions and comments to your content.
Where2Buy For purchased items, provide clickable links to online (and contact info for offline) stores to make it easy for Members to help.
Best Alternatives Provide many options in your Request so Members have different opportunities to help in whatever way they are able to.
Matched Giving Is an individual or Business matching giving? If so, let Members know (they may also search for Requests with Matched Giving).
Listing of Who Gave Shows who has helped you or supported your Cause. Find out who is actively supporting the GivingConnected Community.
Member Reviews & Ratings Find out if the Request is legitimate and who is making the Request before Giving.
Suggest to Friends Easily notify your friends of Requests that you’re passionate about, and ask for their support.
Location Map Location (not required) allows Members to find Requests in their local area, and provides them Drop-off and Shipping info.
Facebook Integration # Twitter and others too. Maximize the collective power of giving.
Sticky Notes Reminder notifications too! Helpful notes displayed on the Requests’s page for the next time you visit. Now, how easy is that! And yes, they’re yellow :)
Virtual Gifts Send these as Thank You gifts to those who have made a difference by helping you - for demonstrating your appreciation just a little bit more.
File Storage & Media: Photos/ Videos You may store all types of files you find useful in promoting your Request. Use Google Docs Viewer for sharing files.
Thank You Message, Photo, Video Something Special: Private content (you upload) viewable only to those who Gave
Discussion Forums Consider this your own Q&A or FAQs area for your Request. Respond to questions and concerns Supporters have. Help them help you.
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* Included features depend on your Membership Subscription # Coming Soon (Plus iOS/Android Apps, Hub Member Management & Billing)
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Content Management Choose Privacy Settings. Simplify Collaboration. Discussion Forums, Blogs, Notes, Polls, Special Offers, Media: Photos & Videos (Youtube, Vimeo, URLs@yoursite)
Requests / Needs What help could your Cause or Project use? Volunteers? Office or School Supplies? How about Buy-A-Brick Campaigns? Offer a variety of options to reach more people.
Giving People can easity Give to your Requests. Rally your Followers, Members, and Coalition Partners for support. You’ll be surprised what people will give besides monetary support.
Online Payments Accept payments for Memberships, Requests/Needs, and other donations as needed right from your Group, Cause, Project, or Site Hub Page, Project Page or Request page.
Announcements, Emails & Newsletters Communicate with your Followers and Members in the way that works best for you and them. Include Photos, Videos, and other Links.
Donation/Hub Sponsorship Request or Contact Form It’s customizable so you may ask questions that provide information that’s most useful to you.
Documents Google Docs Viewer Upload & share files (PDFs, Word, Excel; Menus, Membership or Employee docs, Brochures - whatever you want).
Marketing Category Badges, Embeddable Badge (easily add your content to other websites - see one here ) Invite & Promote Facebook & Twitter Integration # Advertising
Activity Feed and Messaging Members may comment on your content, so you get a glimpse into your Followers’ & Members’ interests and their opinions about your content. Make it as private as you wish.
SignUp Forms No longer do you have to deal with paper SignUp Sheets (what a pain). Just describe what it’s for and let people signup. Even includes a note section for each signup.
Social Integration # Integration of your content with your Social Networks to easily get the word out without wasting time leaving GivingConnected to post the same content elsewhere.
Event Registration & Ticketing Easily signup for Events. Ticketing (free or paid). Engage your Followers with CheckIns, Photo Albums, Videos, Discussions and more. Capacity & Waitlist Management available.
CheckIns Allow your visitors to CheckIn to your content so you can see where they’ve been and provide them more engaging content where they’re looking for it.
Reviews and Ratings FInd out where your strengths are and where you could use improvement as it pertains to your Cause or Business’ Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. Give Members a voice.
Administration Multiple Locations & Admins Privacy Settings Link other Hubs to yours (Linking adds quick connections between Groups,Causes, Sites & Stores), and lots more.
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ADDRESS Boston, MA Nashua, NH
CONTACT Mail: hello (at)
Lovingly made in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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