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Powered by people with a heart those who are passionate about something bigger than themselves… people who selflessly support and promote their Causes because it's important to them. We're the Community of dedicated people, charities, businesses, brands, celebrities, teachers, churches, and many others that work together to make a difference... making each corner of our world better in some way.
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HOW IT ALL BEGAN Many Churches invite Missionaries and other Ministries to share their outreach. Two of these many experiences stand out in my mind as a child. The first was a Missionary to Latin America. The second was a group of men from Teen Challenge. Like many American kids, I didn’t realize how fortunate I was until I listened to the Missionary share his family’s ministry through slides (and no, not the PowerPoint kind). To this day I still vividly remember the feelings I had: sadness, selfishness, guilt, helplessness. I wanted to help, but what did I have and what difference could it possibly make – after all I was just a little kid. So, I decided to do what I could. I rounded up some things I thought his kids could use (trinkets and such) and grabbed my shoebox of rolled pennies I was saving for a new bicycle (which I really really wanted but didn’t need). When the Missionary was at the parsonage, I handed them to him. I still remember the tears in his eyes and his reluctance to take what little I had, even though my parents reassured him I wanted to help. This is my earliest memory of the wonderful feeling that comes from giving (but I obviously had a long way to go - and still do). I just wish I could have gotten others to join in and help too. Remember, but such as I have I give to you. A few years later as a pre-teen, a group of men from Teen Challenge (a network of Christian faith-based centers intended to help teenagers, adults, and families with problems such as substance abuse) visited our Church. They needed to eat and get ready before service, so at the parsonage, being the Preacher’s Kid I helped with whatever I could – running around washing towels, getting food, etc. They all just seemed like a bunch of great guys. After hearing some of their stories and backgrounds, and the many challenges they faced, I couldn’t understand why they were so happy. I recall my mixed feelings of sadness and joy, because in spite of their difficulties they were so full of joy for what God had done in their lives, and this joy was contagious. I wanted to help, but again – how could I help? Plus, this time it wasn’t for kids like me – these were adults. So, I did what I saw others doing and put what little money I had in the offering plate and asked God to bless it. But that nagging feeling of wanting to do more and getting more people to help (however they could) began to grow inside me. Fast forward a few decades, during which I let life get in the way of my quest. Now that I’m older, I’ve experienced the adult version of Giving with Purpose and Passion (Volunteering, Donating, Fund Raising, and the like). Giving Back to those who have so richly impacted my life and who I greatly appreciate (Teachers, 1st Responders, Active Duty Military, and Veterans) is very rewarding, inspiring, and humbling. Yet I remained frustrated that the best we can typically do is give money. Everyone (well, almost) asks for money – and why not? It can be used to purchase almost anything needed for a Cause, oh – and it’s typically tax-deductible (in some countries). Voila! Problem solved. Well, not quite...
hy Us? We believe we have a fantastic Giving and Community Engagement Platform. We care most about helping people like you do what you were put on this earth to do - make a difference in other people’s lives. One of our goals is to help you multiply your efforts, not by changing your what, but by improving your how and provide others more reasons for why. It is a privilege to partner with you and come alongside you (individually, as Ministry and Cause leaders, volunteer coordinators, teachers, school administrators, PTA/PTO leaders, Non-Profit Directors, Pastors, executives, business owners, brand managers, 1st Responders, and others) and help you be more effective in reaching your world. Our deepest desire is to help you ignite a passion in others for a desire to Give (whatever they can) and join you in advancing your Cause. We write software, but we think Giving & Community. Our software is an amazing blend of useful, practical apps that can truly help you reach your Community (wherever and whatever that is) with your message, and engage them to work together to make the advances you seek for the Cause(s) you’re passionate about. If you would like to discuss whether or not we’re a good fit and would be able to help your Ministry, Cause, Business, Brand, School or other Organization engage people in your Giving Back and Social Responsibility Programs, Cause awareness, fund raising, and other Giving efforts, we would appreciate that opportunity. We might even learn a thing or two from you :) That said, please explore this website, look around the internet to see if we’re just blowing smoke, and when you’re ready to start talking with us, click here to get started. We look forward to hearing from you! – The GivingConnected Team
Why Does GivingConnected Exist?
Our mission is to help build a closer, more rewarding Connection & Relationship between dedicated, generous people from all over the world, and the Causes they passionately support. We do this by providing internet-based software (think of it as a platform or network) to Connect People (individually, or through a Business/Brand relationship) with all types of Causes throughout the world for the purpose of deepening & broadening Social Responsibility (individually and collectively), and Giving Back . We make it easy and enjoyable to Make a Difference. (For more information on why GivingConnected exists, see the personal letter from our Founder below).
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Lovingly made in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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