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Why am I here? Well,   that’s   a   really   good   question.      We   believe   the   answer   is   to find your purpose and then be a blessing to others. But,   if   you’re   wondering   how   you   got   to   this   page ,   that’s   easy   -   it’s probably   because   you   clicked   on   the   button    (the   one   we   warned you   not   to).      Then   again,   it   might   be   because   you   accidentally clicked    on    something    else    (yeah    that    must    be    it    -    like    at    the bottom   of   the   page   where   it   says   you’re   not   a   generous   person   - c’mon, we both know that’s not true).  So,   in   case   you   accidentally   did   that,   or   maybe   you’re   just   having second   thoughts   about   this   whole   giving   community   thing,   here’s another   chance   to   see   what   we’re   all   about.      Besides,   we   truly believe   it’ll   be   good   for   you!      So   go   ahead   -   hop   on   our   mailing list.
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Hey…   what’s   up   with   the   cup   &   saucer?       Well,   It   just   so   happened   to   be   the   first   image   that   appeared   when   searching   our   stock images   for   happiness .      Although   not   everyone   can   relate   to   many   popular   images   (animals,   nature,   people   holding   hands,   cars, camping,   sailing,   etc.),      most   people   can   probably   relate   to   a   comforting,   warm   cup   of   hot   chocolate   (or   is   it   cocoa,   or   coffee,   or   a latte, or maple syrup)?  Well, whichever it is, we hope it relaxes you and puts you in a giving mood :)
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Lovingly made in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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