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Powered by people with a heart those who are passionate about something bigger than themselves… people who selflessly support and promote their Causes because it's important to them. We're the Community of dedicated people, charities, businesses, brands, celebrities, teachers, churches, and many others that work together to make a difference... making each corner of our world better in some way.
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All the typical functionality you need for effective communication (and then some), plus a focus on engagement and helping teachers and local schools meet their needs. GivingConnected provides the ability for school teachers (public, private, and missionary) to create classroom project requests (monetary or non-monetary) and Members may give any of the needed items (there’s even a Where2Buy tab that links to online store product pages, making it easy to Add-to- Cart). Rally your local community (including businesses) around supporting your school programs, classroom needs, and PTA/PTO membership & fundraising activities .
Schools SCHOOL PROGRAMS Invite parents, local businesses, and others in your community to volunteer, support programs, and sponsor activities and events. Make it easy for people to reach out and support their local schools. Encourage Coalition Partnerships through our Adopt-A- School Founder Initiative.
Teachers TEACHER / MISSIONARY CLASSROOM Ask for help when you need it: Share a list of Requests (needs) that would help your classroom or special project/outreach. Parents, friends, family, and others interested in helping may give to these Requests. Include 'Where to Buy' links (online & local stores) to make it easy for everyone to help.
PTA / PTO EASILY COMMUNICATE AMONG MEMBERS Make your life easier: Give members roles and communicate with specific groups/circles. Update shared topics, discussions, and event schedules. Create a store for fundraising activities. Promote school activities within your community. Share files online. Create task lists and assign to members.
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Use GivingConnected to empower your Community Volunteerism and Social Impact Program efforts too.
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Not Tools. Solutions. We’re tired of tools. You probably are, too. You don’t need another tool. You need solutions. That’s why we arm you with a suite of engaging, community-growing, fundraising solutions to help you raise more support, get more traffic, and build a more dedicated following every step of the way. Just think of GivingConnected as an extra set of hands that help you operate - to reach your goals - each and every day.
In addition to listing Requests that could help your School save money, GivingConnected provides many ways to help you raise money.
Bring your Classroom dreams to life. Easily inspire & engage Parents and Supporters - to help however they can.
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Lovingly made in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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