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Lovingly made with in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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Powered by people with a heart those who are passionate about something bigger than themselves… people who selflessly support and promote their Causes because it's important to them. We're the Community of dedicated people, charities, businesses, brands, celebrities, teachers, churches, and many others that work together to make a difference... making each corner of our world better in some way.
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Brand Visibility & Recognition on Founded Cause/School Hub Content Profile Page through Banner or other Ads Special advertising privileges on Founded Cause/School Hub Content Profile Page and across Special (perpetual) advertising rates (across, as well as on the Founded Cause/School Hub Content Profile Page Discounts across services Placement on the Cause/School Founders Showcase Page along with Founder Profile Inclusion of your Social Media contacts on your Founder Profile Customized email at Sub-Domain at (example: A certain number of individual memberships that you may distribute as you wish Licensing of Founder logo for placement on your website, printed materials, advertising, etc. Exclusive Membership to Founders Hub Exclusive Special Offers Perpetual Membership to the Founded Cause/School Hub Content Profile Page License to use Cause/School Images/Logos for Founder’s promotion or advertising Merchandising rights (the right to create co-branded merchandise to sell) Signage on building structures, vehicles, uniforms, website, newsletter/e-newsletter, etc.
Opportunity to provide inserts to Cause/School marketing materials and other mailings & e-mailings Inclusion in Cause/School Media Releases Opportunity to provide promotional merchandise Naming Rights Official Product Status Preferred Supplier Status Product Endorsement First Right of Refusal for ad placement Category Exclusivity among Founders Coupon, information, or premium (gift) distribution Provision of content for Founder activities (for example, weekly parenting tips, pertinent articles, podcasts, or other exclusive downloadable content, etc.) Promotion of Founder through Cause/School social media activities, newsletter, e-newsletter, or website Promotion or contest on Cause/School social media, newsletter, e-newsletter, or website Links to Founder website from Cause/School Hub Content Profile Page and/or Cause/School website Rental/Loan of Cause/School database for one-off communication with people who have opted into 3rd-party promotions Opportunity to provide Polls to Founded Cause/School Hub members Opportunity for Founder to provide technology, expertise, equipment, services, or personnel useful to the Cause/School in trade for part of Founding fee … and much more
* Subject to availability and approval by Cause/School, and features available in Cause/School Hub Content Plan
Founder Plans for Causes and Schools will soon be available (we’re ironing out the details - as you’re reading this in fact). If you have questions on Founding a Cause or School on GivingConnected, please contact us using the Support Tab (on the right) or click here to hop on our mailing list. We’ll contact you when more details are available. Looking forward to working with you. Thank you for your interest. Founder Levels and options may include * such benefits as:
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Lovingly made in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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