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Lovingly made with in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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Powered by people with a heart those who are passionate about something bigger than themselves… people who selflessly support and promote their Causes because it's important to them. We're the Community of dedicated people, charities, businesses, brands, celebrities, teachers, churches, and many others that work together to make a difference... making each corner of our world better in some way.
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Have More than 2500 Members in your Hub? That’s Great! :) We’re happy to customize a plan specially for you. Contact Us (use the Support Tab on the right).
Member Engagement Package Includes: PayPal Donations Overview External Badge (see here for how handy this is) Invite/Promote App Facebook Integration Special Offers/Coupons/Promotions Photo Albums & Videos Members & Followers receive Notifications of Updates Discussions (similar to Forums) Event Management & Registration Location Map Contact Form (customizable) (your) Contact Details Displayed (email, website, phone)
Advanced Member Engagement Package Includes: Documents & Document Sharing including Google Document View Notes Polls Badges Print Link (easily prints your primary Page information/summary)
The free Limited Starter Hub Plan is also available and allows up to 25 Members and includes Event Management. See FAQs below for details.
Marketing Package Includes: Hub Content Page Insights o View Tabular & Graphical metrics (#views, likes, comments, & active users) o Graphical statistics may be viewed over different time periods o Emails of Insights are periodically sent to you Send a Message to those that Like your Page (Followers & Members may receive Content updates using the Member Engagement Package)
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What’s all this about Hub Members & Followers? Good question, and a little tricky to answer. Learn more What are Linkups? Linkups offer easy, direct connections between Hubs (Hub Hub or Hub Hub), or a Hub and a Store (Hub Store). They may be used for cross-promotion, sharing certain information (especially Requests) and other valuable associations. Learn more Can I group people together inside my Hub? Yes, very easily. You may create as many roles or circles as you wish, and place each Member of your Hub in as many of these as needed. You may even message all Members in the same role/circle all at once. Sometimes I need to sell tickets to events - can I? Yes, if you’re a Champion or Ambassador Member. Your exclusive Event Registration System allows both Free and Paid tickets. Capacity and Waitlist Management are also included. Do you offer Onboarding, Consulting, or Setup Services? Absolutely - all of them. Even though we’ve done our best in designing GivingConnected to be self-service, we’re still here to lend you a hand if you need it. We can import necessary info for your Hub Members to get you started quickly, as well as assist you in setting up your Hub so it’s done right the first time. We’ve been at this a long while and we know what ensures adoption and success. When you’re ready, give us a shout (contact us here or use the Support Tab over there on the right). Is there a discount for yearly plans? Sure is. Yearly or annually - whichever you call it, you get the same deal: you pay for 11 months and the 12th is on us (i.e. 1 month free). May I pay by invoice and/or check? No worries. We’ll put you on Invoice Billing (Enterprise Plans only) when paying annually (12 months). Just give us a shout when you’re ready :) Looking for more answers? Check out our main FAQ or contact us here, or use the Support Tab (over there on the right).
What’s a Hub? You get to decide! Think of Hubs as Groups or Communities - big and small - gathered around a shared purpose or sharing a connection. Businesses. Causes. Neighbourhoods. Schools, Groups. Associations. Sports Teams. Fraternal Organizations, Brands. Campaigns. Celebrities, Classrooms. Clubs. Projects. Families - you name it. Help within your Hub, and branch out when you want to support other people & Hubs. Learn about Hub Types here Each Hub has its own Event Calendar, Discussion Boards, place to share Requests, photos, videos, and files (using Google Docs), and so much more. Learn what you can do with Hubs How does my Membership work with Hubs? Some Hub Plans and features are dependent upon your Membership Plan. For example, the Enterprise and Premier Hub Plans are available only to Ambassador Members. Are Free Hub Content plans available? Free & Paid Hub Content Plans are available exclusively to Paid Members. How many Hubs may I create/manage? Create as many as you need to, up to the limits available in your Individual Membership. Administer as many as you want (Enterprise Plans only). see Individual Membership for details What’s the free Limited Starter Hub for? For smaller Hubs and those just starting out, we offer this free plan. It’s our way of helping and providing a little encouragement. Learn more May I have a Private, Member-Only Hub? Sure can, but only if you’re an Ambassador Member. Exclusiveness has its privileges you know :) Do you offer Discounts to Causes or Schools? We understand how tight Cause and School budgets can be. In addition to our Special Offers here, and a discount offered on Annual Hub Plans, GivingConnected offers all sorts of opportunities to help you out financially through offsetting costs and increasing revenue, using Requests, Crowdfunding, Founders, Sponsors, Advertising, & many more beneficial features. Learn more
#Some Benefits and Features at additional cost.
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Teacher and Advanced Teacher Plans Also Available
ADDRESS Boston, MA Nashua, NH
CONTACT Mail: hello (at)


Lovingly made in NH and Boston, MA for awesome people like you :)
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